Mom Says She 'Threw Up' After Learning Her Nanny Gave Birth to Her 11-Year-Old Son's Baby

Marissa Mowry, 28, was sentenced to 20 years in prison for sexually assaulting Chris Campbell when he was 11 and then giving birth to his child in October 2014.

After a nanny hired to care for a Florida family sexually assaulted their 11-year-old son and gave birth to his baby, the boy was left to reveal the abuse and the secret the nanny had kept to his mother.

Last month, Marissa Mowry, 28, was sentenced to 20 years in prison for sexually assaulting Chris McBride when he was just 11. She gave birth to his child in October 2014. 

Chris spoke to Inside Edition about how Mowry, who lived with the family while working as their nanny, groomed him.

"It was a game called 'are you nervous,' and the object of that game was she'd place her hands somewhere on my body and I’d say if I was nervous or not and things escalated from there,” he said. 

Mowry was 22 years old when she first began abusing Chris. He says it happened almost every night. 

"She said that she loved me. She said that she wanted to date but she couldn't let anyone know because it was obviously wrong,” he said. 

He said she made him lie about the incident and told him "you have to lie or else I’m gonna have to go away."

Chris said he remembers when Mowry told him she was having his baby. "I was a little bit freaked because I was confused," he recalled.

Mowry, still living with his family, maintained that another man was Bentley’s father.

Then, the teenager finally revealed the truth to his mother, Nadene Campbell, and a DNA test proved it was true.

"When the results came back, I went and threw up," Nadene said.

The nanny was charged with multiple counts of sexual battery.

The mom says she felt "like a failure,” adding, “how did I let this woman manipulate me and my family in such a way that she could do this and I was blind to it?”

In October, Mowry pleaded guilty in Hillsborough County, Florida, and was sentenced to 20 years in prison. After serving, she will also have 10 years of probation and will need to register as a sex offender.

Bentley is now 5. And he says he has "the best daddy!"

Chris said it's not easy being a teen father and missing out on his own childhood. But he's determined to turn something so negative into something positive for his son.