Mom Wins Battle to Keep 'PB4WEGO' License Plate

Thanks to an intervention from the governor of New Hampshire, Wendy Auger gets to keep her creative vanity plate.

One New Hampshire mom’s license plate has gotten her attention she wasn’t expecting.

Her vanity plate reads “PB4WEGO,” or “pee before we go,” which she says is her message for her children.   

“That's what I tell my kids when we're about to leave to go anywhere,” Wendy Auger told Inside Edition. 

Auger says she got the plate 15 years ago.

“Almost every time I’m driving, I get people taking pictures of it, people laughing, waving,” she said. 

But she recently received a letter from the state of New Hampshire telling her plate "is being recalled," citing a ban on plates referring to "excretory acts or functions."

“I was pissed!” she said, pun intended. 

But thanks to an intervention from Gov. Chris Sununu, Auger gets to keep her license plate. 

“Yes, it was a relief,” she said ⁠— again with pun intended.