Monster Iceberg Taller Than the Washington Monument Spotted in North Atlantic

It's the same area where the Titanic met its doom in 1912.

Ships, beware: An enormous iceberg has been spotted floating in the North Atlantic.

The towering mountain of ice was found north of Iceland this week. It rises more than 60 feet above sea level, but experts estimate that's only a tenth of its total size.

If that's true, the iceberg is over 600 feet, which is taller than the Washington Monument and Seattle's Space Needle.

This iceberg also boasts several smaller satellite icebergs floating in its wake, which can also be dangerous to ships. 

History buffs know it was an iceberg in this area that ripped a hole in the Titanic in 1912, dooming hundreds of its passengers. 

The North Atlantic has experienced several consecutive extreme iceberg seasons in recent years, as pieces of the Greenland ice sheet break off into the water amid higher temperatures.