Mysterious Uber Eats Deliveries Flood Los Angeles Neighborhood Where Residents Say They Didn't Order Any Food

Los Angeles residents have received a flurry of unwanted Uber Eats deliveries containing food and drinks from McDonald's, Taco Bell and Starbucks.

Confused Los Angeles residents are saying they're receiving a deluge of Uber Eats deliveries, without ever ordering a thing from the service that brings food to your doorstep.

One woman reported getting as many as 30 deliveries, and her neighbors say they're also getting unwanted deliveries from places such as McDonald's, Taco Bell and Starbucks.

Morgan Currier told Inside Edition she was bombarded with deliveries of food she would never eat because she's a vegetarian. 

"All sorts of things — Chicken McNuggets, Shamrock Shakes, Gordita Crunches — you name it."

One of her neighbors received the same items, without ordering them, she said.

"All of us were a little worried that we were part of some sort of credit card fraud, because we were getting the food delivered, but none of us had any money taken out."

William Neal said he received 40 deliveries, which arrived nearly every day for two weeks.

"For people, it's varying degrees of annoyance," he said. "You can only eat so much crispy sandwiches."

The deliveries carried fake names, residents reported, and appear to have been paid for by an unknown party.

Uber Eats says it is aware of the problem, has cancelled some accounts and is investigating.

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