Pennsylvania Couple Searches for Owners of Wedding Rings Found Hidden in Home Light Fixture

Josh Martin got quite the surprise when he discovered two wedding bands and an engagement ring hidden in a light fixture inside his home.

A married couple in Pennsylvania made quite the find while doing some work around their home.

Josh Martin was puttering around his kitchen in Redding when his hand suddenly felt something strange buried in the back of a light fixture.

He then got quite the surprise when he pulled out the mystery objects and discovered he was holding a pair of wedding rings.

He and wife, Hannah Keusher, then quickly got to work trying to locate the possible owner of the rings.

The couple knew the names of the previous homeowners, Anthony and Rosemary Guadango, but the pair had passed away.

Undeterred, the two set about contacting the couple's son, Gary.

They soon managed to track down Gary using Facebook, and learned that he had previously searched the house high and low trying to locate the wedding rings.

Gary tells Inside Edition that he was overjoyed, and not surprised his parents would stash their rings in a light fixture.

"My parents were hiders. They hid everything, cash in the basement — in cinder blocks," says Gary. "It's just that generation"

Gary's joy also extends to John and Hannah for tracking him down after making their discovery.

"I was just blown away by the kindness, kindness of strangers," says Gary.

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