Pickleball Players Peeve New Jersey Neighborhood With Noisy Nuisance

The constant “pop, pop, pop," is causing quite the racket at pickleball courts in Ridgewood, New Jersey. But that hasn't stopped one determined group of players, who call themselves, "the pickle pals."

A group of Ridgewood, New Jersey, pickleball players who call themselves “the pickle pals” love to play on their neighborhood courts, among them, 74-year-old Joanne Archer, who fell in love with the game in 2015.

“Anybody, any age. That’s the beauty of pickleball,” Archer told Inside Edition.

But the constant “pop, pop, pop,” is causing quite the racket in the neighborhood and across the USA.

"Most annoying sound ever," one person wrote on Twitter.

"It's 9:30. Why are my neighbors playing pickleball," another wrote.

“We don’t find it loud, it’s just a little bit louder than tennis,” Archer said.

To combat the noise, sound-blocking fences were installed on the Ridgewood courts and players are now required to use noise-reducing paddles and balls. Hours of play have been dramatically reduced.

“The pickleball courts are impacting multiple neighbors, their families, their young children, senior citizens. It is a noise issue that is not easily remedied,” Ridgewood Mayor Susan Knudsen said at a recent council meeting.

Even with all the new restrictions, the pickle pals will not be denied their favorite activity.

“Do we look like troublemakers?” Archer said. 

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