Professional Skydiver Lucky to Be Alive After Plummeting Into Lake: 'It Can Be Catastrophic'

She was in intensive care for 36 hours.

A professional skydiver crash landed as she slammed into a lake near Tampa, Fla. recently. 

Multiple cameras were rolling as Lindsey Wheeler skipped across the water like a stone.

Wheeler has done the stunt before, but this time, she misjudged her landing.

At the time of the incident, Wheeler's boyfriend was on the ground waiting. He and other rescuers raced over and pulled the unconscious skydiver from the lake. 

She was rushed onto a medevac helicopter and flown to a hospital near Tampa.

"I don't remember anything after hitting the water,” the 35-year-old told Inside Edition. 

She was in intensive care for 36 hours.

"I was left with a broken collarbone, three fractured ribs and a punctured lung," she said. 

Wheeler realizes that the incident could have been much worse.

"It can be catastrophic," she said. "I was very lucky."