Quintuplets Graduate From the Same University — With Degrees in 5 Different Subjects

The Diaz quintuplets do everything together.

These Texas quintuplets have graduated from the same university on the same weekend — with degrees in five different subjects.

Enna, Maria, Emilio, George and John Diaz, 21, donned their caps and gowns to accept their diplomas after four years of study at the University of North Texas.

“I don’t think I’ll ever be half as happy as my dad was when we graduated,” George said. "It was always his main goal to get us all through college and he was like, 'Holy moly, I did it.'"

The quintuplets, who were born within three minutes of each other in July 1996, all attended the same elementary, middle and high school.

After they were all accepted to the same university, they shared adjoining rooms for the first two years of college before moving into an apartment together.

And while the Keller, Texas, quintuplets shared many core classes, their majors couldn’t be further apart. The siblings graduated with degrees in biology, finance, Spanish, social communication and art last month.

Their parents, salesman Jorge, 55, and full-time mom Enna Diaz, 55, watched proudly as they graduated over the course of the May 10-11 weekend.

“Ever since they were born, people were asking me how I would ever put five of them through college,” Jorge said. “Watching them graduate was the best feeling any parent can have but multiply that by five. We did it."

The siblings said they were lucky to have one another as college can be daunting to do alone.

"We’re so used to being together," George said.