Rudy Giuliani Surrenders in Atlanta Following 2020 Georgia Presidential Election Tampering Case

“Isn’t that nice, a mugshot for the man who put the worst criminals in history in jail,” Giuliani said.

Rudy Giuliani has surrendered to Fulton County authorities after being indicted in connection with efforts to tamper with the 2020 Georgia presidential vote.

His 18 co-defendants, which include former president Donald Trump, were given until noon Friday to turn themselves in to face formal arrest.

“I will comply with the law, which I alway do,” Giuliani said before leaving for Georgia. “I will plead not guily, and then I get photographed. Isn’t that nice, a mugshot for the man who put the worst criminals in history in jail.”

Giuliani, who has told the court he is out of money and has massive legal debt, arrived in Atlanta from New York via a private jet.

Giuliani, a former federal prosecutor and mayor of New York City, is now being represented free of charge by attorney, Arthur Aidala, the lawyer tells Inside Edition. 

“I’m doing this for a man who needs help, has helped so many people in his lifetime,” Aidala says.

Trump is set to host a $100,000-a-plate fundraiser for Giuliani at his New Jersey country club next month. Another co-defendant, Jenna Ellis, says Trump should be paying all legal bills.

“Why isn’t MAGA, Inc. funding everyone’s defense?” Ellis asked on Twitter.

Trump’s co-defendants have been arriving to surrender at the Fulton County Jail, which is said to be infested with lice. Those getting booked will be searched, fingerprinted and weighed.

Trump, who plans to surrender on Thursday, tweeted, “I will proudly be arrested tomorrow afternoon in Georgia.”

The former president will have a full motorcade with police escorts and intersection control. Trump also appears to be planning a press statement before flying to Atlanta.

Trump's surrender will follow Wednesday's Republican presidential debate. The former president has recorded an interview with Tucker Carlson scheduled to run at the same time as the debate.

Fox News has banned Trump’s representatives from the post-debate spin room, but his supporters will be in the audience, including son Donald Trump, Jr.

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