Slime Slithers Its Way to Sacramento With First-Ever Convention

Slime Slithers Its Way to Sacramento With First Ever Convention
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It's gushy and gooey and at the same time, oddly satisfying.

It's gushy and gooey and oddly satisfying, all at once. 

It can be molded into all different shapes and sizes, even made to smell like pizza or garlic bread.

No matter how you slice it, slithery as it may be, slime is here to stay. On Instagram alone, it has more than 11 million hashtags.

Top “slimers” earn millions of dollars for their videos.

That's why 13-year-old Isabel Cialone decided to bring the phenomenon to Sacramento, California, for its first-ever slime convention.

"It blew up a few years ago on Instagram. Originally it was like a tied trend. I'm not sure how it got here to America but now that it has it's really cool. There's so many slimers on Instagram. There's a whole community of them," Cialone told KOVR.

With more than 700,000 Instagram followers, Carly sells them her "Slime City B."

"I think it's just like something fun, different and never the same, for stuff to do."

There are slime conventions nationwide. The apex of them all? the World Slime Convention held in Hershey, Pennsylvania, this April.