Son of 70-Year-Old Woman Rescued From Underneath SUV Hopes Mom Can Reunite With Group Who Saved Her Life

The woman had some serious injuries, but is now recovering in the hospital with her son by her side.

A 70-year-old woman who was pinned underneath her SUV is in serious but stable condition after several people helped save her in Delaware. The woman was pinned underneath the driver’s side tire of a Hyundai Santa Fe.

Authorities believe the woman got trapped underneath the vehicle after getting out of it and not putting it in park.

Her neighbor, Kyle, sprang into action to help the woman, who wished to be identified by name. 

"She grabbed my leg and said, 'Kyle don’t leave me.' I said I’m not going anywhere, we’re going to get you out of here, we’re going to get you safe," he told Inside Edition. 

New Castle County police arrived in minutes to help get her out. They and neighbors lifted the SUV, believed to be around 4,000 pounds, to pull the woman out. 

The woman thought she was going to die, according to authorities.

Her son Mike told Inside Edition that she is recovering from her injuries in the intensive care unit.

“She has a chest tube. She had a hip replaced on left side,” he said. ”Her ribs were all crushed and pulled apart and her lung had collapsed.”

It's Mike's hope that when his mother has recovered, she gets to reunite with the group of six who saved her life

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