Suspects in Road Rage Shooting and Killing 6-Year-Old Aiden Leos Plead Not Guilty

6-year-old Aiden Leos was shot and killed in a road rage incident on his way to kindergarten.

The two suspects in the road rage shooting death of Aiden Leos have pleaded “not guilty.” Marcus Eriz, 24, and Wynee Lee, 23, appeared virtually in Orange County Superior Court. 

California Highway Patrol says Lee was driving a white Volkswagen when Eriz, the passenger, shot into the back of a car in an alleged road rage incident, killing 6-year-old Aiden Leos.

Eriz has been charged with murder and a felony count of discharge of a firearm at an inhabited dwelling.

Wynne Lee was charged with being “accessory after the fact with willfully harboring” Marcus Eriz, as well as the misdemeanor of “knowingly concealing a firearm in her personal vehicle.”

The prosecution alleges in documents presented to the court that Marcus Eriz brandished a gun at a Tesla just days after Aiden Leos was killed. They also add that Eriz shaved his beard and hid the Volkswagen Lee was allegedly driving in a family member’s garage.

Bail had been tentatively set at $2,000,000 for Eriz, but the prosecutor asked to change that.

They said in court, “We believe that he is an extreme danger to the public. We believe that this case is serious enough that would warrant under Humphrey's and all of the other code sections that talk about bail, that this would be a case that's appropriate for no bail.”

The judge, Larry Yellin, agreed. He stated, “I mean, the crime in and of itself, obviously, it's murder. It's the highest crime that can be committed. It was committed, just by anyone knowing the initial facts, that an innocent victim and it's a random victim which increases the concern of the danger to the community.”

Lee’s bail had initially been set at $500,000, but her defense team is asking for the amount to be dropped to $50,000. The judge has asked for more information on Lee’s financial situation and will revisit bail in a hearing on June 25th. 

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