Teen from Belgium Wants to Be the Youngest Woman to Fly Around the World

Zara Rutherford has major plans to break a world record by flying around the world solo at 19 years old.

Belgian teen Zara Rutherford has plans to embark on an adventure soon to break a world record.

Rutherford, 19, has hopes of being the youngest woman to fly around the world on her own. The teen hopes her journey will encourage girls and young women interested in science and technology. 

"...growing up, I didn't really see many female pilots or female computer scientists, those are two of my passions and it's quite discouraging when there's no one that can relate to [or] that does any of those things."

Rutherford’s goal is to “hopefully inspire other girls to try and beat my record and then go and start competing with the boys." she told Reuters.

Her 32,000-mile trip begins on August 11.

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