These Inspirational Moments of Kindness Helped Us Get Through 2020

Here are some of the touching stories that helped us get through a difficult year.

Although 2020 will be remembered for a devastating pandemic, there were many inspiring moments that happened also, in turn proving the resiliency of the human spirit.

Here are some of the touching stories that helped us get through a difficult year. They can also be viewed in the video above.

Toddler dances with mailman

A 3-year-old under lockdown could not wait for the daily visit from the mailman. They didn’t talk, but they danced — her on the couch and him outside.

Newlyweds leave out snacks for delivery drivers

Newlyweds left snacks out for the folks delivering their wedding presents.

Homeowners fundraise for struggling essential worker

Homeowners raised thousands of dollars for an 89-year-old essential worker seen struggling while he delivered packages to make ends meet.

Nightly thanks to health care workers

No one will ever forget the front line health care personnel who risked their lives to treat others. Saying thanks to them with a nightly salute began in Italy. The touching gesture soon spread to the U.S., where people locked down at home cheered for workers every night at 7 p.m.

Doctor plays guitar on Facebook

A guitar-playing doctor from Philadelphia performed a new song every day on Facebook to cheer up friends and family. Dr. Jim Black is up to song number 278.

‘Voice’ contestant leaves tour to work as front line nurse

"The Voice" contestant Felicia Temple became an inspiration when she left the live tour, a lifelong dream of hers, to return to the front lines of the pandemic as a nurse.

Elderly couple reunites before passing away

The moments that touched us could also break our hearts. A 90-year-old man had been separated from his wife for many months, and their emotional reunion touched America. She soon passed away, and he died in the same room two weeks later after contracting COVID-19.

Teachers went above and beyond

Teachers inspired — from the principal who visited the homes of all 617 high school graduates, to the teacher who set up an easel outside the home of a student who was having difficulty with her homework assignment.

COVID-19 patients recover and leave hospital

These were the moments we never got tired of seeing — COVID-19 patients leaving the hospital, cheered on by the people who saved their lives. Some patients had spent months hooked up to machines and they were finally going home.