Twins on Their Way to Twin Festival Confuse Ohio State Trooper

Twins on Their Way to Twin Festival Confuse Ohio State Trooper
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It’s a case of double trouble.

A state trooper in Ohio got mixed-up when he encountered a set of twins driving identical vehicles with one small difference. 

Andy and Chad Baker were driving their Teslas from Nashville, Tennessee, to the Twin Days Festival in Twinsburg, Ohio, when the trooper pulled them over, according to WEWS.

The offense wasn’t speeding. Both cars were going the speed limit.

The trooper said he thought they had identical license plates. They both read “SUBJ TO,”  with one minor difference. One plate uses the letter “O” at the end, and the other uses a zero. 

Andy said that once the trooper noticed the small difference, he got a kick out of it before letting them go. 

“He was a really good sport,” Andy said. 

Around the same time last year, the twins were pulled over in Ohio on their way to the same festival. Authorities gave both of them tickets for  speeding, allegedly travelling at 58 mph.


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