UPS Driver Captured on Camera Saying 'Thank You' for Treat Left by Homeowner

It was a heartwarming moment.

A UPS driver was pleasantly surprised as he received a snack while delivering a package — and his adorable response was caught on video.

Tiffany Judd, of Mississippi, said she knows people in the freight industry work long hours, especially during the holidays, and she wanted to give a gift to make their shifts a little bit easier.

Her husband and brother work at FedEx and UPS, respectively, so she knows how tough the job can be.

“I thought it would just be a nice gesture to give something back,” Judd told “I do all my Christmas shopping online. I have two small children and work a full-time job, so going out to stores is just not something that is convenient. UPS and FedEx people are at my house probably every day.”

She has been putting out little snack packs for the workers that include Little Debbie treats, crackers and water. Each day, something has been taken.

Last week, Judd got to see how her gesture spread Christmas cheer. 

A video shot through a camera system on Judd's porch shows a UPS driver’s sheer glee at receiving the treats. He is seen waving and saying "thank you" to the camera.

“I was at work," Judd said. "I just see this guy’s face on the camera and I guess he knew about the video camera. He was really ecstatic when he came up on the porch and saw the treats and then took the time to actually lean down, get into the camera and thank us for leaving those snacks out there.”

She said it’s a good feeling to be able to give.

“This time of year it’s nice to give to give back to others and it just made me feel good that he was excited about that,” Judd said.