What This Husband Used to Poison His Wife's Coffee

His wife said he also poisoned his own daughter when she drank the coffee too.

Chilling video from a hidden camera captures the moment a Michigan man poisoned his wife's coffee

Brian Kozlowski put eight sleeping pills in the pot, swishing it around to make sure they were mixed in, while in the midst of a divorce from his wife, Therese Kozlowski, in 2018. 

However, she had become suspicious of him when she started feeling tired on the days Brian made coffee for them. One time, she even nearly crashed her car when she dozed off at the wheel. 

So she hid a camera in the kitchen, ultimately catching Brian red-handed. He was charged with poisoning and ultimately convicted. 

At his sentencing Thursday, Therese became emotional as she spoke about the video. 

"I fell to my knees and cried," she said. "I could barely move."

She added that he put their daughter at risk as well, as she also drank coffee made by Brian before getting behind the wheel to drive to work. 

"She was able to make it to her desk, only to immediately fall asleep for two hours," said Therese. "Brian had successfully poisoned his own daughter and set her on a path that could have killed her that morning."

But Brian ended up being sentenced to 60 weekend days in jail and five years of probation, far less than Michigan's recommended minimum of 19 months in prison, inciting outrage from the prosecutor in the case.

The prosecutor asked the judge to reconsider, to no avail.