What We Know About How Alabama Fugitives Evaded Capture for 11 Days After Manhunt Comes to End

"We got Casey [White] out of the vehicle and he said, ‘Help my wife, she shot herself in the head,’” U.S. Marshal Martin Keely tells Inside Edition. Vicky White did not survive, and her death is still being investigated.

The multistate manhunt for a fugitive murder suspect and sheriff’s deputy who helped him escape came to a dramatic end Monday night with a high-speed car chase

Authorities finally caught up to Casey and Vicky White in Evansville, Indiana, after they spent 11 days on the lam.

Casey White, 38, surrendered to police after they crashed, while Vicky White, 56, reportedly took her own life. The pair were not related to each other despite sharing the same last name.

“Female is crashed out still inside the vehicle. We could hear her on the line saying she had her finger on the trigger. Female is still armed,” a 911 dispatcher said.

Casey White told marshals Vicky shot herself, but authorities are still investigating.

“As soon as we got to the vehicle, we got Casey out of the vehicle and he said, ‘Help my wife, she shot herself in the head,’” U.S. Marshal Martin Keely said.

The fugitives were seen leaving the Lauderdale County Detention Center in Florence, Alabama, on April 29. 

From there, they drove to Tennessee and ditched their first getaway car, a copper-colored 2007 Ford Edge, which was spotted by a school bus driver on a rural road.
The car was towed to a police pound and sat there for almost a week before it was realized that it was the getaway car. Investigators discovered Vicky White's radio, handcuffs and shackles inside the vehicle.

On May 3, Casey White was spotted on surveillance camera at an Evansville car wash, where he abandoned a Ford F-150 pickup truck and switched to a gray Cadillac. It’s unclear where or how those vehicles were obtained. 

The manager of the car wash says he alerted cops of the sighting the next day, but it wasn't until Monday that the Marshals Service tracked the Cadillac to the Motel 41 where they were hiding out.

The final pursuit began moments after the duo made a break from the motel.

A fleet of marshals and sheriff’s vehicles intercepted them on a highway. The chase ended when a marshal’s vehicle struck their car. 

“Members of the U.S. Task Force basically rammed the vehicle and pushed it into a ditch. And we later found out, had they not done that, the fugitive was going to engage in a shootout with law enforcement,” Vanderburgh County Sheriff Dave Wedding said at a press conference. 

Cops found an arsenal of weapons and ammunition and $29,000 in cash inside the vehicle. 

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