What's Causing a Rise in Plastic Surgery During the Pandemic?

"There's the Zoom phenomenon — people spend all day looking at their video feed."

The popularity of Zoom is leading to a surprising consequence, according to at least one doctor: a big rise in plastic surgery. Plastic surgeon Dr. Jon Turk says that people spend all day looking at their video feed on Zoom calls, and patients come in saying they need to fix their face.

“There’s the Zoom phenomenon — people spend all day looking at their video feed,” Turk told Inside Edition. “Usually from the worst possible angle and with terrible lighting, and that brings a lot of patients in saying I gotta do something.”

Olivia Silberstein, 18, broke her nose playing soccer, and came in to get a nose job before heading off to the University of Florida. Gia, the daughter of “Real Housewife” Teresa Giudice got one too.

Silberstein says she’s ready to start college and deal with all the issues of the pandemic with confidence, thanks to her new nose.

“I’m so happy with how my nose looks,” she told Inside Edition.

Turk said it may be the perfect time to have a touch up on the down low.

“People aren’t socializing as much, and they’re walking around wearing masks, so it’s actually an ideal time to recover from surgery.”