Why These 2 Tennessee Couples Decided to Raise 6 Children Together 'as a Team'

The four adults said they wouldn't have it any other way.

Meet the all-American blended family of 10 people consisting of two sets of parents and six children all living under one roof.

Katie Blackmer used to be married to Stephen Shepard. After they divorced Katie married Ben Blackmer. Stephen moved on, too, and is now dating Brandy Henderson.  

In 2016, Katie and Ben, who were raising four children, heard that her ex-husband, Stephen, had been in a bad car accident, which is when they entertained the idea of all living together in Nashville, Tennessee.

Incredibly, Katie opened her home to her ex and Brandy, who moved in with two children of her own. 

It turned out that all four adults and six children clicked.

“My kids call her [Katie] Mom, I’m perfectly fine with that,” Brandy told Inside Edition.

“It became so natural,” Stephen added. “We were cooking dinner together. Why not be here?”
“It’s been great for the kids. Great for us,” Ben added. 

“It helps a lot,” Brandy said. “[It is] tremendous how we come together as a team splitting everything.”

During dinnertime, the noise level is deafening, but the happily blended family said they wouldn't have it any other way. 

“We really just wanted to show co-parenting can be easy. Stop bickering. Stop the fighting. Learn how to communicate,” Katie said. "Work together as a team.

"It is so much better for your children."