From Wiping the Counter to Loading the Dishwasher, the Household Chores You're Probably Doing Wrong

Meaghan Murphy, the editor-in-chief of Good Housekeeping, shows Inside Edition the right methods.

They are the things you do at home all the time but as it turns out, you may be doing them wrong. 

Believe it or not, there is actually a wrong way to wipe down your kitchen counter. 

Most people spritz the counter and then wipe it off immediately, but one expert says that is incorrect. 

Spray cleaners need at least 10 minutes to penetrate grime, says Meaghan Murphy, the executive editor of Good Housekeeping. 

Murphy recommends setting a timer after spraying. 

All the cleaning could make you want to have a snack like a smoothie, but make sure you're doing it properly. 

Loading the blender with solid foods first results in smoothies that aren't all that smooth, so Murphy says putting liquids first is the way to go.

"It creates a really nice vortex that helps blend," she said.  

After finishing that smoothie, you're ready to do the dishes, but do you know the most ideal method for loading the dishwasher?

"You want to load the dishes in the center of the dishwasher facing inwards because that's where the strongest spray is, and that's gonna get the dishes the cleanest," Murphy said. 

If you regularly store your clothes in dry cleaner bags, we've got news for you.

Those plastic bags can trap moisture and allow mildew to grow, so take them off. A better solution for storing clothes is actually a pillowcase.

If you cut a smaller hole at the top of the pillowcase, it helps with airflow to resist moisture.