Woman Wins $141,000 in the Lottery After Stopping to Ask for Directions

A North Carolina man says a good deed led him to win the lottery.
A wrong turn led this North Carolina woman to becoming nearly $150,000 richer.Getty Images

Georgina Hopper of North Carolina got lost while running errands on Christmas Eve.

Getting lost while running errands on Christmas Eve left this North Carolina woman nearly $150,000 richer.

Georgina Hopper, of Shelby, had originally turned into a Circle K to ask for directions when she also ended up picking up a $5 scratch-off ticket.

The quick decision led her to winning $200,000. After taxes, she took home $141,000.

“When I saw the matching numbers, I couldn’t believe I actually won. It’s a blessing,” Hopper said, according to a statement to North Carolina Education Lottery.

She explained it all started when she stopped by her church to donate a turkey for a Christmas dinner.

Hopper then made her way to pick up barbecue she had ordered for her own Christmas dinner before getting lost.

She collected the winnings Thursday and now plans to buy a home with the money.