Bodyguard Reportedly Fired By Kanye West: I Was Warned Against Getting Too Close to Kim Kardashian

Speaking to INSIDE EDITION, Steve Stanulis said that West is "self-absorbed."

The bodyguard who says he was fired by Kanye West doesn’t have nice things to say about the star.

Steve Stanulis told INSIDE EDITION that West is “self-absorbed and condescending,” and said the rapper is not a nice guy “at all.”

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Stanulis said he was supposed to escort West and wife Kim Kardashian to the Met Gala on Monday, but he said he was fired without notice only minutes before his duties were set to begin.

West may have thought the bodyguard was chatting up and maybe even flirting with Kardashian, according to reports. 

The bodyguard told IE he was at the Waldorf Astoria in New York City for 11 hours waiting for the couple to let him know when it was time to take them to the party.

Then word came that there was a change in plans. The couple wanted to ride to the event in a fancier luxury car, like a Ferrari, Stanulis said.

When Stanulis approached the presidential suite on the 36th floor, he says the “Runaway” rapper came storming out.

"As I was approaching the door, Kanye came around the corner. I said, ‘Hey, Mr. West?’ He totally blew me off and slammed the door," Stanulis said.

The bodyguard was then told that he had been fired.

"The main security guard came down and said, 'You won't be needed tomorrow,'" he recalled.

Published reports claim that Stanulis was seen talking to Kardashian outside the presidential suite, but  the bodyguard said he and Karadashian never exchanged words.

"I was not flirting with Kim Kardashian," he said. 

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Stanulis said he worked as the couple’s bodyguard for the first time back in February, working at the rapper’s fashion show and album release party at Madison Square Garden.

He was told that saying hello was a bad idea.

"They came and said: 'Don't talk to Kim and don't get too close to her,'" Stanulis claimed. "If I was Kanye, the last thing I’d have to be worried about is being threatened by me."

The former NYPD officer has provided security for Leonardo DiCaprio and other stars. He said he knows his role and West should respect it.

He said he “would never go back” if the couple ever needed his services in the future.

A representative for Kanye West has called the bodyguard's story "untrue."

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