Construction Worker Kept $245 Million Lotto Winnings a Secret and Stayed on the Job

He will take a lump sum payment of $100 million.

New York construction worker became a multi-millionaire thanks to a winning lottery ticket, but kept his incredible earnings a secret for weeks, according to reports.

Prior to a trip to Maryland, Staten Island resident Nandlall Mangal, 42, checked the Powerball ticket he purchased to find he had won $245.6 million in the Aug. 11 drawing.

After checking multiple times to make sure the numbers on the ticket matched the winning ones, he kept the ticket in a safe and contacted a lawyer for counsel.

Mangal did not tell friends, family or his co-workers at the construction site where he was employed as a carpenter. He worked there for a month as he continued to work while keeping mum about what had happened.

He told WPIX11 that he says his co-workers will now find out after seeing him on TV and reading about his story in the newspapers.

Mangal says he is going to take the lump sum payment, which will give him about $100 million.

He says he is going to put the money in a Trust called "The Sea & Sand Trust," a hint he could possibly be headed to exotic islands like Hawaii. 

He purchased the winning ticket at a local Stop & Shop Supermarket, which will receive $10,000 for selling the ticket. The supermarket says they are going to donate the funds to a local Staten Island food bank.