How Danny Trejo Pulled a Little Boy From a Car's Mangled Wreckage: Today on Inside Edition

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Actor Danny Trejo might be best known for playing the bad guy, but in real life he's a hero. 

Trejo sprang into action to save the passengers trapped in an overturned car in Los Angeles, including a little boy with special needs. How he pulled the child from the mangled wreckage.

A super fit mom is posing with her removed breast implants to show the importance of loving your body just how it is. What inspired her to finally take them out. 

"Green Shirt Guy" took the internet by storm when he laughed in the face of anti-immigrant protesters at an Arizona city council meeting. So who's the man who couldn't contain his howling?

And did you know presidential candidate Kamala Harris and talk show host Montel Williams used to date? Now you do. 

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