How to Make Your Old Patent Leather Shoes Look Like New

David Mesquita from the Leather Spa in New York showed Inside Edition some tips and tricks to keep your shoes in top shape.

Marilyn Monroe famously said, "Give a girl the right shoes and she can conquer the world." But what if the right shoes have seen better days?

That's when many people head to David Mesquita at Leather Spa in New York City to give their footwear a sprucing. 

But Mesquita told Inside Edition shoes can be given new life with simple things most of us already have at home: Windex, nail polish remover, Q-tips and a toothbrush and a nail file, for example.

Patent leather shoes looking a little scuffed? Windex and a paper towel can make those puppies shine like new. 

And for a particularly stubborn scuff mark? Turn to "nail polish remover and a trusty Q-tip," said Mesquita. Just make sure the remover has acetone in it, as that's the key ingredient that works magic. 

White tennis shoes no longer white? "Very simple," Mesquita said. "Mr. Clean Magic Eraser."

His favorite trick? Take a toothbrush and a nail file to smooth out any damage to suede shoes.

"The toothbrush is the trick we use to bring back the natural nap of the suede and also brush out any dirt that's stuck in its natural fibers," Mesquita explained.

"And then for those flat spots where the suede needs to be brought back, that's where this little hack comes in you're basically rubbing the suede to agitate it to bring back its natural fibers."