How to Safeguard Your Stairs so You Don't Take a Nasty Fall

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A tumble down a flight of stairs can be devastating whether you're in public or at home. 

So how can you make your stairs safe? Occupational therapist Tracy Chippendale shared her tips with Inside Edition for safeguarding your stairs

First off, she recommends giving your stairs some traction by adding no-skid tape

Carpeting can also help prevent slipping, but Chippendale urged avoiding patterns as they can mask the depth of the staircase. 

Above all, make sure you never take the stairs with your arms full. 

Sometimes, though, a fall is unavoidable. But there are things you can do to protect yourself. 

Stuntman Zachary Huber of Hollywood Stunts NYC showed Inside Edition how to tuck your chin into your chest and protect your head. Watch the video above to see how he does it.


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