Minnesota 16-Year-Old Accidentally Drives Into Giant Sinkhole

Somehow, he escaped unharmed.

It was quite the sight after a Minnesota 16-year-old drove his car right into a sinkhole.

Drone video of the scene shows a car, nose down in the giant hole that had opened up in the middle of the road in Renville.

"We’ve seen roads wash out before, but it’s extremely rare and even more rare to have a car inside," Renville County Sheriff Scott Hable told InsideEdition.com.

Heavy rain caused the township road to wash away around the culvert beneath.

The 16-year-old, who was on his way to work, escaped unharmed, thanks mainly to his seat belt and the car’s airbag. 

The teen’s grandmother told CBS Minnesota the teen got out of the car by climbing out the window.

The Renville County Sheriff’s Office posted a video of the scene to their Facebook page.

“Another example of the power of Mother Nature!” the department wrote. “Remember, always BUCKLE UP; you just never know what situation you might encounter!”