Reporter Files Police Report After Stranger Appears to Try to Kiss Her During Live Shot

It's unclear if the man actually made contact with WAVE reporter Sara Rivest, but still, she said it isn't OK.

Sara Rivest was just trying to do a live hit from Kentucky’s Bourbon and Beyond festival when a man interrupted the reporter’s live shot three times, even leaning in and appearing to attempt to kiss her on the cheek.

As Rivest stood in front of the camera recording a live piece for WAVE in Louisville, a man can be seen peeking out from behind her in the shot before walking off to the side. She confidently continues with her report, even as another person walks right in between her and the camera.

Then, the first man circles back and leans in close to Rivest, seemingly attempting to kiss her on the cheek. Rivest leans away, saying on camera, "That was not appropriate." It's difficult to tell if the unidentified man actually makes contact with Rivest.

"I just started screaming at the man, 'You're so rude! You're so rude!' And he was long gone by then," Rivest told

"It's something people think of as funny, but it's really not that funny. It doesn't make that guy cool and it doesn't make some girl say, 'Oh wow, I want him,'" she said.

It's fairly common for reporters to be interrupted during live hits. And in Rivest's case, she says it isn't OK.

"I've re-watched it so many times and I stopped it at that point. And I pulled away so quickly, I think I was just shocked, to be honest. It was just such an uncomfortable situation,” Rivest said. 

"That's what bothers me so much about all of this. He knew I couldn't do anything about it. And in a way, it's like, an exertion of power because it's like, 'She can't stop me.'”

Even though Rivest was seen smiling and chuckling after the incident, she made clear that she "didn't think it was funny. I think it came from a place of wanting the viewer to know I was OK, but also feeling so uncomfortable that I didn't know how else to react."

Rivest said that when she got back to the station, she was still mad. So she later returned to the festival.

“I actually went to Bourbon and Beyond that night and I, like, had his picture pulled up. Like if I see this guy, I’m gonna say something.”

Rivest says her cameraman was busy setting up the shot and didn't notice the man. But she's hoping cops do. 

Rivest filed a report with the Louisville Metro Police Department. reached out to the department for a comment. Authorities said the suspect hasn't been identified and the incident is under investigation.

As for the response she's getting on social media, Rivest said, "It's cool to see other guys ... like, 'This isn't OK' and 'I'm sorry, I apologize on behalf of all guys."