Should You Really Be Tricking Your Dogs With the #InvisibleChallenge?

Swallowing plastic wrap could be dangerous for your dog, a veterinarian said.

How do dogs feel about plastic wrap?

That’s what pet owners are testing with the latest viral craze: #InvisibleChallenge, where humans tape plastic wrap to a doorway, jump over the make-shift barrier and see if their pets can figure it out.

The responses, however, have been mixed.

Some furry companions stop in their tracks, discouraged.

Others hit the plastic wrap head on.

Some people on social media are asking if the challenge is dangerous for the animals.

Veterinarian Dr. Laurie Hess spoke to and explained that it could become concerning if the dog attempts to bite through the plastic wrap.

“I can see an animal getting frustrated and trying to bite its way through and eating the cellophane – something that is not digestible and could cause gastrointestinal obstructions,” Hess said.

Health aside, Hess also doesn’t agree with misleading the poor pets.

“Psychologically, our pets really trust us,” she warned. “That whole ‘man’s best friend’ thing, they love us unconditionally and we’re tricking them."