Sweet Photo of Blended Family Goes Viral: 'The More Love, the Better'

The mom though the moment was special.
Madison Holley

Madison Holley snapped a photo of her son holding hands with his dad and future stepdad.

A Canadian mom shared a photo of her blended family leaving the hospital after the birth of her newborn and it went viral. 

Madison Holley, who lives in Ontario, was ready to take home her newborn, Waylon, with her fiance, Cody Pietz, and her older son, Cade. 

Her ex-boyfriend Tyler Mcilveen was also present at the hospital and on their way out, Cade wanted to hold his dad Mcilveen’s hand and Pietz’s hand too. 

Holley snapped a photo of the sentimental moment. 

“He was holding on to his father’s hand and then he grabbed Cody’s hand too,” Holley told InsideEdition.com. “We thought it was adorable.”

Holley said she remembers a time when she didn’t know if she’d be able to talk to her ex because it was an emotionally hard breakup, but she said her ex’s new girlfriend helped bridge the gap between them.

“She was good for him. She helped with a lot of things and she always helped Tyler see the other side to every story,” Holley said. “My fiance, Cody, was very civil the whole time, good with communication, and helped keep the peace.”

Holley said was able to sit down with her ex and talk about some of their problems, and now they are all civil and friendly with one another.

“Trust me, at the time I broke up with Tyler I never thought he would be supportive of me having another child with someone else down the road, never mind being there in the hospital after,” Holley said.

She didn’t expect the photo to go viral either, but she is glad it’s making an impact.

“I am trying to encourage co-parenting because it’s very important that a child grows up with positive role models,” Holley said. “We are their safe place and we set examples for them.

“No child deserves to grow up in a toxic environment because the relationship went wrong, the more love, the better,” she added.