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A former couple now lives with their new partners and kids, while a woman became the youngest ever to undergo a face transplant.

A divorced couple is living together again – with their new partners and six children.

Katie Blackmer and her ex, Stephen Shepard, said they really are "one big happy family." Inside Edition visited their home in Nashville to see how they make it work.

And there's more drama in the White House, as President Trump called Omarosa a "dog" and "lowlife" in his latest attack on his former aide. Inside Edition has all the latest news on the spat.

At the center of another scandal is a GOP candidate in Florida, Melissa Howard. We take a closer look at the college diploma she now admits she faked.

Meanwhile in Los Angeles, a man was caught on camera climbing a zoo enclosure fence before spanking a hippo on her rear end. Inside Edition spoke to a wildlife expert about the danger the man put himself in.

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