Mom and Kids Kicked Off JetBlue Flight After 2-Year-Old Wouldn't Keep on Face Mask

Inside Edition caught up with the family at home in Brooklyn, New York.

A mom traveling with six kids was asked to deplane a JetBlue flight because her 2-year-old daughter wouldn’t keep her face mask on, violating a policy put in place by the airline to reduce the spread of coronavirus

“You realize she’s 2,” Chaya Bruck can be heard telling the flight attendant in a video taken of the incident. 

“I do, and also it’s not something we can excuse,” the attendant replied.

“So should I tie her hands? What should I do?” Bruck shot back. 

The toddler put her hands over her ears to block out the arguing as an older sibling tried to help, but she refused to keep the mask on her face. Other passengers on the flight came to her defense.

“These are just little kids. They’re 2!” one said.

Despite their protests, the family was forced to leave the plane. Inside Edition caught up with them at home in Brooklyn, New York.

“It was extremely overwhelming and traumatizing,” Bruck said.

JetBlue used to exempt small children from their mask regulations, but recently announced a stricter policy requiring all passengers 2 and up to wear a face covering. “Customers receive an email before their flight outlining the latest safety protocols and face covering policies,” the airline said in a statement.